Nourishing Oatmeal Soap


Combined with steel milled oatmeal and essential oils, this soap is sure to alleviate even the driest of skins with just one use. 

Exfoliating Coffee Soap


Home of the "Coffee Soap"

Combined with freshly brewed coffee imported from Brazil and Columbia, oatmeal and essential oils, this soap is sure to alleviate dry skin and combat acne prone skin. 

(Most Popular)

 Coffee soap helps get those age defying antioxidants into your skin to wash away toxins and cleanse your pores. ... It's great for sensitive or sunburned skin. 

We have now added coffee infused with Hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil has excellent healing properties, moisturizes, prevents signs of aging, reduces the appearance of cellulite, and aids in combating acne and eczema. 

Try the new coffee hemp soap today.

Try a fresh cup of Bodi`Naive coffee along with your coffee soap.  Bodi`Naive coffee comes in 4 distinct flavors of single origin bean handpicked from around the globe.

Oatmeal~Lavender Soap


Taking Oatmeal to the next level to invigorate your senses with fresh lavender.

Extra moisturizer goats milk and oatmeal infused with lavender to calm and relax your senses, while moisturizing your skin.  Your skin will love the luxury.

Ooohhh La Lavender!

Bodi'Milk (Signature Skin Hydration)

Body Cream open lid

Absolute "simplistic" luxury for the skin you're in. This is our inaugural product that is proven to bring life and hydration back to the driest of dry skin.  With a coconut oil base, layered with mango butter, imported Kokum butter, essential oils, \vitamin E, and a light signature Naive fragrance that is gender versatile.

Your skin will endure hydration & moisture with a smooth luxurious feel throughout the day.  Available in 4oz and 8oz. 

ReGen`29 Again ®


Our signature Product for all mature skin types. Promotes healthy aging for anti-aging benefits.  Specially created to look and feel 29 again, this treasure is formulated with raw mango & imported butters, vitamin E, along with powerful custom vegan anti-aging serums, proven to regenerate your skin. Your face will feel smooth, supple, hydrated, and regenerated throughout the day. Use as your daily night and day time moisturizer following our cleanse, and tone.  (Fragrance Free) 

Bodi'Dressing (Hydrating Scrub)

Exfoliating Scrub with a Himalayan pink salt base.

This brown sugar and Himalayan pink salt blend scrub is sure to have your senses and body tingling with joy. With tea-tree oil, along with a custom blend of essential oils, and fresh lavender leaves, this scrub wakes your senses up to get moving, leaving your skin soft and smooth!  

We have added a bit of coffee to stimulate and rejuvenate your skin.  This will keep your feet and dry skin smooth and silky.

Excellent for the heels of your feet. Follow with Bodi`Milk for the complete solution to dry cracking skin.

Now offering an exclusive coffee scrub.




A goats Milk soap base, infused with vitamin E, and a custom blend of moisturizing and regenerating properties to include a natural preserve. Melts make-up right off your skin and removes all impurities of the day.  

Customization for dry, normal, combo, or oily skin.  Please indicate if you need our dry skin formula with  extra hydration properties.

Fragrance Free 

Follow with our signature  ReGen`29 Again ®  Moisturizer



A Witch Hazel blend infused with hydrosals.   Witch Hazel is antioxidant, healing, anti-inflammatory, soothing, cooling, and astringent.

Apply  with a cotton ball to freshly cleansed face to restore PH and cremove excess oils and impurities.  




"Dead Sea HONEY Mask"  We have enhanced our honey based all natural face-lift in a jar by infusing the formula with an all natural dead sea mud.   Dead Sea Mud helps to gently exfoliate and naturally add minerals to the skin. It promotes glowing skin that looks smoother, softer, younger, and healthier. 

 Dead Sea Mud, also known as Black Mud, is a fine, wet mud comprised of the minerals found at the bottom of the Dead Sea. It has been used for centuries for its beauty, cosmetic and health benefits.  

 Honey layered with dead sea mud is infused with essential oils and replenishing ingredients to tighten and firm your face and neck. Created with special blends of coffee.  Apply generously to your face, focusing on the neck area.  Leave on overnight or for a few hours. 

This diverse nugget can be applied to thighs as a "body wrap"  to diminish the appearance of cellulite.  

You will immediately notice a change in your skin texture.  Your skin will feel supple, tight, and firm.  

A wonderful spa treatment that yields results.!!


 Bodi`Naive products are not FDA approved and not intended as a treatment or cure for any medical conditions.  Please consult your doctor or medical dermatologist for serious skin conditions.  Please discontinue use in the unlikely event of irritation.